Marketing Done Differently - Challenge The Norm
March 31, 2020

Marketing Done Differently - Challenge The Norm

We hear it all the time. Clients who know the power of video in there marketing so will get a video made but don't know how to use their video to drive sales and new customers. In the majority of cases putting a video on your social page is great and might get you some returning business but it won't usually get you new clients. Having a video made and spending time, money and effort making one is all well and good but to then share it on your page to be watched by your already engaged followers? It’s a massive waste and one that many video agencies seem to do.

That’s where we are different. We understand that the main reason for making a video is to get you out there not just to get you returning business (this is great too!). That’s why we come up with a full marketing strategy based around the video. That’s why we call our self a video-centred marketing agency.

We analyse your target audiences in-depth and come up with a solution that works. We profile your customers and potential customers to work out how best to reach them. Often this involves producing many versions of the same video or lots of pieces of content with a central hub video that goes on your website or heads up the whole campaign. This way we can reach the audience in the way they want to be reached.

Those videos can be set up with paid social or paid YouTube ad spend targeted to these audiences. This is something we pride ourselves on so much so we are Google Video Ads certified meaning we know YouTube/Google video ads inside out and know the way they can be targeted to your audiences.


YouTube ads can be particularly targeted thanks to its links with Google’s search network. Everything you do within Google is recorded to your advertising profile to build a picture of who you are. You can see yours here:

Scary right? Looking at my profile I realise just how much Google can find out about you just by the way you search and interact with websites. This information helps marketers because we can target certain types of people. Want to reach people in the market for a new car? No problem. Want to reach parents of toddlers who are age 25-35? Sorted! Google ads particularly but also paid social can be highly targeted to audiences and as part of our work with a client, we undertake research into how, where and when our client's audience would best see their marketing.

At JAW Media, we offer bespoke packages for any size business with any size budget. We work with you, not for you, so we develop something that works. After all, the person that knows your customers best is you! We come up with a marketing mix that will work best for you, your business and its customers, helping you increase sales, acquire more leads and ultimately make your business better!

JAW Media are your marketing experts. We help businesses grow. We provide everything from video to web design, PPC to photography to help create the perfect marketing solution for you. We are a team of passionate experts that prides itself on an efficient, quality service that has made us the go-to choice for many individuals and brands. We work with 1 person businesses up to huge organisations like British Steel, the NHS and Lions International.

If you would like to see what JAW Media can do for your business get in touch for a Free, no-obligation chat about your business and it's marketing.

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March 31, 2020

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